The Sustainability Management Association’s members are transforming leadership. As of March 2018, our 2,300+ members are located in 30 states across America and 12 international countries. USA_Map_318We believe that sustainability management simply incorporates economic performance, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship—to include all three in strategy, decision-making, function, and process.

Sustainability Management simultaneously optimizing the efficiency of resources to include human, natural, and financial is well-known as managing the Triple Bottom Line. The bottom line is that sustainability management reduces cost and risk, and creates opportunities for innovation and revenues to develop a strong brand reputation. Sustainability management absolutely creates long-term value for stakeholders.

The SMA serves two main purposes:

  • To provide certification and education for managers who are learning or practicing Triple Bottom Line sustainability management in any type of organization. Learn how to manage for sustainability from strategy to project management. Learn the language of sustainability, how to measure and report project outcomes, and how to build a culture around sustainability.
  • To certify professionals with an accreditation that attests to exposure to a body of knowledge (the study guide) to learn the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities of sustainability professionals. Obtain your credential with an online exam and give yourself, or your organization, a competitive advantage.

Certification can be obtained in two separate tiers:

  • Sustainability Management Certified Professional (SMCP) – the premier designation reserved for professionals with significant experience and exposure to a body of knowledge
  • Sustainability Management Certified Associate (SMCA) – the designation for students or professionals who wish to certify their general knowledge of sustainability management frameworks and methodologies

You are invited to join as a member and begin networking with the best. SMA members strive for organizational efficiency through fostering talent and conserving natural resources.

We are action and results-oriented.

We are action and results-oriented.

Innovation and collaboration are the powerful drivers that transform leadership. Education and commitment to long-term responsibility and integrity are the answers to sustainable growth. An exciting rejuvenation of ingenuity is underway due to combining innovation and designing products for the environment. Entrepreneurship and ingenuity is the solution. The journey is well underway, so join us today.